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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't live in Columbia.  How can I make an appointment?
McClerklin Skin & Laser Center has three convenient locations to suit the needs of Columbia, Orangeburg, and Lancaster.  You can make an appointment by contacting the appropriate office, or my calling the main Columbia office any time between the hours of 8AM-1PM and 2PM-5PM Monday through Friday.
When will the doctor be in my area?
Dr. McClerklin travels throughout the week.  She is in Columbia on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please call the Columbia office to inquire about when she will be in your area.
How quickly will I be seen?
The wait time will vary.  If you print out and bring your paperwork with you ahead of time, the staff will be able to immediately begin verifying your insurance and cut your wait time.  However, due to our volume of patient visits and referrals, the wait time for Dr. McClerklin is often 50-90 minutes or more. 

Does Dr. McClerklin accept my insurance?
For a list of insurances that Dr. Mcclerklin accepts, please see our Insurances Accepted page.
How can I get a prescription refill?
If you have recently been seen by Dr. McClerklin simply have your pharmacy contact the office and request a refill.
Why can't I get my prescription refilled?
If you have not been seen by the doctor in over six months, you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor before you can refill your prescription. 

My acne came back.  What happened?
Acne is a chronic skin condition that has to be managed constantly and consistently.  Over the counter skin kits and treatments are not as effective as the therapy that Dr. McClerklin will prescribe.  Therefore, DO NOT stop taking your medication, unless the doctor has advised you to do so.  
My acne is getting worse, not better.  What's happening?
Most topical medications will force any underlying pimples and pustules to the skin's surface, making the acne seem more severe when, in fact, it is simply bringing up acne that is already there.
How long do I have to take my medications?
No matter your skin condition, you will need to take medication for as long as Dr. McClerklin prescribes.  Failing to take your medication will only cause your condition to come back, and sometimes be resistant to the medication that you came off of.  Therefore, DO NOT stop taking your medication, unless the doctor has advised you to do so.  
I only have Medicaid/Medicare.  Will the doctor still see me?
Yes, Dr. McClerklin accepts many types of insurance, including Medicaid/Medicare (as primaries only).