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From diagnostic care to laser therapy, McClerklin Skin & Laser Center gets to know our patients' needs, and provides the best treatment available to them.  Dr. McClerklin offers both cosmetic and general dermatology services for all skin, hair, and body problems, including:
Sun Problems
Freckles, sunburns, and skin cancers can all result from overexposure to the sun and can lead to tough, leathery, and unbearably sensitive skin. Depending on the severity of the problem, minor solar skin conditions can develop into melanomas and other skin cancers if not diagnosed and treated. Be kind to your face and body!  Click here to make an appointment.
Hair Problems
If you suffer from scalp problems, get them addressed immediately!  Ringworm, hair bumps, brittle, breaking hair, scaly scalp, scalp rash, dandruff, and/or other scalp problems can cause or be accompanied by temporary to permanent hair loss.  No matter the problem, Dr. McClerklin will outline the best clinical therapy necessary to maintain and restore your pride and glory.  Save your hair now!  Click here to make an appointment.
Acne Problems

Whether it be adult or teen acne, Dr. McClerklin can help you finally clear blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules from your skin with the one-two punch of clinical products and spa quality skin care.  Her prescription-only bleaching cream will fade dark spots, and when combined with her recommeded skin care products, can give you fresh, new skin in a matter of days. Stop your acne now!  Click here to make an appointment.
Skin Problems
Many skin conditions such as vitiligo, keloids, hypertrophic scars, psoriasis, unexplained growths, scarring, as well as problems with dry, itchy skin can be properly treated with a customized diagnosis and treatment schedule that addresses the condition and soothes the skin. Clear up your skin now!  Click here to make an appointment.